Maine Senate President

Michael D. Thibodeau

128th Maine Legislature

Senate President Statement on Governor’s Comments Regarding Marissa Kennedy Case

“I am glad to see the governor is going to take a personal interest in this case. As I have said before, we all owe it to Marissa to get a clear understanding of what happened. “That is why we need to have an investigation so we can understand how the system failed and make sure it never happens again. I am personally encouraging the Government Oversight Committee to vote on Friday to have a thorough investigation into this matter.” Senate President Michael Thibodeau...

Senate President Thibodeau Calls for Investigation of DHHS’ Handling of Kennedy Case

Senate President Thibodeau Calls for Investigation of DHHS’ Handling of Kennedy Case Senate President says Mainers need to know that child abuse reports are not falling on deaf ears AUGUSTA – Senate President Michael Thibodeau is asking Governor LePage to investigate the Department of Health and Human Services following reports that the department was notified about child abuse reports prior to the death of 10 year-old Marissa Kennedy.   “Reports in the aftermath of the tragic death of Marissa Kennedy have brought into question the Department of Health and Human Services’ handling of child abuse cases,” said Senate President Michael Thibodeau (R-Waldo). “The people of Maine need to have confidence that when serious cases of child abuse and neglect are reported those reports are fully investigated. We must be assured that reports of child abuse are not falling on deaf ears. I implore the Governor to investigate this fully and provide the legislature and the public a report of his findings.” # #...

Senate Republican Statements on Budget Surplus

This week, Maine’s Revenue Forecasting Committee announced revenues coming into the state will be approximately $128.5 million higher than original estimates. Below are statements from Senate President Michael Thibodeau (R-Waldo) and Senator Jim Hamper (R-Oxford), who is the chair of the Maine Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. Senate President Michael Thibodeau “After years of budget deficits under Democrat leadership, it is encouraging to now see surpluses that are the direct result of reforms made by Republicans in the Maine Legislature. I am certain that we would not have seen these impressive revenue figures had we not repealed the job-killing surtax on Maine’s small businesses during the previous session. Nevertheless, far-left groups, funded by out-of-state interests, continue their efforts to write tax policy in Maine via referendum. We need to remain vigilant against these misguided efforts so we can continue to grow Maine’s economy and bring our young people back home.”   Senator James Hamper “This surplus is the direct result of years of hard work and tough choices made by Republicans on the Appropriations Committee. With the help of our leadership, we reduced income taxes, eliminated the job-killing surtax, payed off our hospital debt and have kept new spending at bay – and the economy is responding with record low unemployment and regular budgetary surpluses. It’s critical that we continue on this track of sound fiscal health while considering future spending and tax...


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